Vesta Supports Non-profit in Providing Recovery Efforts to Military Heroes

Vesta President Jolie McShane at a Warrior Wellness Solutions workshop that taught service-disabled veterans and wounded, ill, and injured (WII) active-duty members the value of holistic and functional medicine in the recovery process.

Vesta Construction Websites is more than a leading website, social media, and communications marketing firm. Vesta is an active partner in our nation’s communities – including the military community. The organization understands first-hand the unique challenges our nation’s heroes and their families face. That’s why, for several consecutive years, Vesta Construction Websites has supported the efforts of an award-winning, nationally-recognized nonprofit that provides health coaching to the military community— Warrior Wellness Solutions.

Vesta Construction Websites President Jolie McShane and husband, Tom McShane, understand the challenges that military families face. From spousal employment and family limitations to deployments and health and safety risks, the military community faces a unique set of challenges that may be unrelatable to most civilians. But not the McShanes.

The McShanes have two of our nation’s heroes in their family – a Captain in the U.S. Army and a U.S. Army Special Forces Medic.

“As we’ve helped our children and their families navigate military life, we had a tug on our hearts to help other families, too. Then we met Elijah,” said Jolie.

Elijah Sacra is the executive director of Warrior Wellness Solutions (WWS). WWS is a nonprofit organization that supports service-disabled veterans; wounded, ill, and injured (WII) active-duty members; and their caregivers.

The organization educates, trains, and empowers these military heroes to achieve recovery and relief through an intense six-month program. In fact, the organization is so successful that it was awarded the 2020 Newman’s Own Award for its support of the military community.

“Thanks to consistent corporate giving from companies like Vesta, we can rely on their resources and funding to continue to enhance our program and provide additional practices – like those of our functional medicine health coaches.”

– Elijah Sacra, Executive Director of Warrior Wellness Solutions

“I have a long-standing relationship with Elijah and continue to be impressed by the work he and his team do. They are always striving to enhance their offerings, furthering the impact and results for those who need it most in our nation’s military community,” said Jolie. “Their results have been astounding!”

All WWS clients are paired with a functional medicine health coach who follows a holistic approach to physical, mental, and spiritual health. A functional medicine health coach focuses on identifying the root cause of a disease, rather than treating individual symptoms. These health coaches then tailor a wellness program specific to each client, understanding that enhancing a person’s health and wellness is not a universal process. Instead, it must consider the specific needs and variables of each unique person, such as their history, lifestyle, and environment.

According to Sacra, clients come to him with a list of 10-15 medications that they routinely take to combat pain from military-related trauma. When they graduate the WWS program, the average number of medications needed ranges from 0-5.

“We support our clients through an intensive six-month program that revolutionizes their lifestyle – from sleep and hydration to exercise and nutrition. During this time, we check-in regularly and provide constant communication and support,” said Sacra. “For the following 12 months, they practice their new skills on their own with quarterly check-ins. By that point, most clients can sustain their new lifestyle of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. But once we engage with a client, they are a client for life. They know they can come back to us anytime they need to.”

This is where the continued financial commitment from companies like Vesta Construction Websites are instrumental. WWS receives funding from small grants and private donations. However, the majority of its funding comes from corporate sponsorships.

“Thanks to consistent corporate giving from companies like Vesta, we can rely on their resources and funding to continue to enhance our program and provide additional practices – like those of our functional medicine health coaches,” said Elijah.

Since its inception, WWS has helped thousands of veterans and service members find physical, emotional, and spiritual health with holistic and functional medicine.

Vesta recognizes and supports other military-related needs, as well, including flexible employment.

“Military families sacrifice so much for our nation—including their careers. I welcome military members and their spouses to our team, understanding the work limitations they experience with having to move around so often. Vesta provides the flexibility they need to pursue and sustain a career amid the demands of the military,” said Jolie.

Vesta Construction Websites provides more than energy-focused website and marketing solutions. Vesta is a committed community partner that supports our nation’s heroes and their families.

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About Warrior Wellness Solutions

Warrior Wellness Solutions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and 2020 Newman’s Own Awards recipient focused on training, education, and empowerment of service-disabled veterans; wounded, ill, and injured (WII) active-duty members; and caregivers. The organization was founded in 2009 by U.S. Marine Corps veterans and a career holistic health and wellness practitioner. Warrior Wellness Solutions delivers comprehensive functional medicine health and wellness services at no expense to our nation’s heroes. For more information, including how you can contribute to WWS’s life-changing efforts, visit

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