Marketing Communications

So what is Marketing Communications?

Marketing Communications encompasses a variety of written and visual services you need to build your brand, support your Sales teams, enhance your online presence, get your company in the news, and become noticed by customers and potential customers.

These content marketing services include:

Construction Articles & Online Blogs

Online blog articles are a great way to:

#1 Tell your story

#2 Drive traffic to your website through promotion on social media

#3 Enhance your search engine rankings with increased website traffic

#4 Build construction industry recognition with expertise

#5 Increase the number of prospects and leads

Writing articles and maintaining online blogs don’t have to take time away from your daily duties. Leave that work to us. VCW knows the industry. We know what people want to read and how to reach them. We identify industry news opportunities within your organization specific to your target audience. We then develop, post, and monitor the articles.

All you have to do is approve the work and watch your company’s stories circulate through the industry.

Sentry Electrical Article

PLH Group Article

Pipeworx Article


Press Releases & Media Relations

One of the most successful ways to build brand recognition is by positively positioning your company in the industry. Our Senior Director of Marketing Communications – who has already built industry media relationships— is focused on getting your company’s success stories covered by targeted industry media outlets.

But don’t worry. We guide you through this process. We first help you identify your untold stories, then we get to writing. After your review, we pitch these stories to the identified trade publications and industry journals. You watch your brand develop as your stories are told throughout the industry.

Sales Collateral & Conference Management

Are your employees attending industry conferences and meeting with customers and leads? Do you need help managing your booth coordination and appearance, gaining attention at the expo, scheduling Sales-focused meetings, and applying for presentation opportunities? Does your Sales team need collateral specific to your company and its services to support them during customer discussions? We can help with it all. We have extensive experience with conference management and Sales collateral creation so our clients don’t have to worry about the details and can instead focus on lead generation.

Our writers not only know what potential customers want to see, but also how to present it to them. We work with your department leads to tell your story, making your company’s Sales discussions simple and straight-forward. We do this through the creation of marketing collateral, such as:

  • Presentations
  • Brochures
  • Statements of Qualification (SOQ)
  • Testimonials
  • Technical Data Sheets

Once final copy is approved, we design it consistent to your company’s brand – establishing or enhancing brand identity that will resonate with your customers and leads.

Examples (click to enlarge)

Photography & Video Services

What makes a good website a great website? Great pictures and videos.

Creating a dynamic website to sell your company’s line of expertise is greatly enhanced when high-quality pictures and videos are used. Pictures and videos tell a story. They sell your services faster and better than words. It is worth the time and investment to have professional pictures of work being performed by your employees and short videos showcasing your expertise.

In addition to enhancing your website and social media channels, photos and videos allow potential customers to see for themselves the great work your company offers.

Your Sales teams will love the professional videos for sales demonstrations and presentations, and search engines rank companies much higher when videos are integrated into a website.

But again, we guide you through this process. We walk you through options for capturing quality photos and videos, such as through local photographers, VCW staff, or our contracted photographer who knows the construction industry and associated safety requirements.

Video Examples

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