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Is it necessary to participate in social media? Yes!

The BP Oil spill is a great example of why companies need to have control of their social media. At the time of the BP Oil spill, there were no BP Oil social media sites established. This means there was no BP Oil Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn sites. Therefore, a few unscrupulous journalists took it upon themselves to establish fake Facebook and Twitter sites for BP Oil.

Obviously is this not a good thing, having the media set up phony social media sites on your behalf. Sadly, these missteps by BP Oil ended up costing them millions of dollars in bad and inaccurate public relations and press.

What are the chances this will happen to your company? Probably slim, but why take any chances?

Simple Participation Dramatically Increases a Company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In other words, this means your company will rank higher in a Google search for your service offerings. If a potential customer is looking for your services on Google and you do not participate in social media and have a stagnant website, then your company may appear on pages 20-40 of a Google search. Your potential customer will never scroll through 20-40 pages to find your services, therefore competitor wins.

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Need Help Getting Started?

VCW will establish Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube for your company(ies).

Don’t want to maintain the social media feeds?

VCW will take care of the social media feeds for you.

Targeted Geographic Advertising Really Means – Arrow to Bullseye Prospecting

Latest Way to Advertise: How would you like to streamline your advertising with pinpoint accuracy? Reach Project Managers or Purchasing Agents at a conference or their headquarters? Today’s technology makes it possible with “Geo-Targeting” or “Geo-Fencing.” Vesta can support and facilitate your business with Targeted Geographical Marketing using the latest technology to target potential customers.

How it works: Geo-Targeting uses IP addresses (location identifiers) to locate your prospects and sends an advertisement specifically designed for your potential client or that event. At a conference? Geo-Fencing will get your marketing message to the prospect and entice them to visit your booth first, not your competitors. In addition, you can steer your prospect to your booth or website by sending a teaser or reminder via the nearby hotels.

Finding Talent: Geo-Fencing also makes it easy to target and hire additional employees by narrowing down the geographic region to an area, or to the competition’s offices, to discover valuable talent. Why waste ad dollars advertising to people that are not a good fit for your services? Geo-Targeting captures the right person at the right event, or the right person to join your team.

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