ICYMI – General Public Invited to Timonium Quarry for Fundraising 5K

Mark your calendars for June 2025 as this unique fundraising event is a must-attend for Baltimore County residents. The “Crusher Run” 5K offers a rare opportunity to explore the stunning Timonium Quarry, a hidden gem in our community. Sponsored by the Maryland Transportation Builders and Materials Association, Martin Marietta, and Gray & Son, this event is not only a chance to experience the quarry’s magnificence but also to support worthy causes.

With perfect weather and a fantastic turnout of close to 400 runners, walkers and supporters, the event grew from last year. Not just in participants, but also in donations raising close to $40k in sponsorships. Proceeds from the event benefited two non-profit organizations: the local Baltimore Hunger Project and nationally recognized Construction Angels. Both Martin Marietta and Gray & Son, headquartered at the quarry, played key roles in making this event a success.

Vesta Construction Websites: Supporting Construction Angels

Vesta Construction Websites has a deep connection with Construction Angels, particularly since the tragic construction accident on I-695 in March 2023, where six construction workers lost their lives. Our team donated their time and was actively involved in fundraising and support efforts, utilizing our expertise to amplify the cause through various media channels.

In the aftermath of the Key Bridge collapse in March, which further highlighted the dangers faced by construction workers, Vesta Construction Websites immediately supported Construction Angels’ efforts to raise funds for the families of the deceased workers. Our dedicated team donated their time and skills, including Pia Civiletti, Jenna Heffley, and Keana Parsons, where each played pivotal roles in these efforts. Pia designed compelling graphics, Jenna crafted and managed all communications outreach, and Keana oversaw social media postings. Thanks to the generous support of local Vesta customers who shared their social media platforms, Vesta was able to amplify the fundraising success.

About Construction Angels

Construction Angels, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to providing immediate financial assistance and grief counseling to the families of construction workers who suffer fatal work-related accidents. Beyond immediate support, Construction Angels also offers construction scholarship opportunities to qualified applicants and additional scholarships to the surviving children of fallen workers. Their goal is to ensure that funds reach the families swiftly to help them cope during their time of need.

The “Crusher Run” 5K not only allows participants to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Timonium Quarry but also supports invaluable organizations that make a significant impact on our community. Don’t miss out on this incredible event next year – your participation makes a difference!

Article BONUS – Take ACTION!

Let’s all honor those who have lost their lives in construction zones by pledging to slow down, move over and pay attention. Takes just a few seconds to sign the pledge: https://www.chesapeakesc.org/work-zone-safety-pledge/#pledge

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