Quick Fixes for LinkedIn Users – Gets Great Response at Women’s Conference

In June, 2019 Vesta Construction Websites President, Jolie McShane, presented tips on how to optimize LinkedIn at the 2019 Women’s Business Conference. The presentation was simple but effective as it went over some basic ‘game-changers’ that you can implement on LinkedIn to improve your rankings, views, likes, and engagement overall.

One way attendees were able to improve their LinkedIn profile was in a photo booth set up at the conference where they could use their IPhones to take a picture with a simple white background. Then, by using a free app called MEITU, were able to edit the photo immediately.

In addition, Jolie explained some other simple ‘fixes’ that included the 120 descriptive tagline after your name on LinkedIn and the importance of adding media, posting regularly, and much more to stay ahead of the competition. The response to the interactive presentation was excellent as attendees were able to upgrade their profiles and see their rankings change on the spot.

Jolie McShane and their knowledgeable team of utility construction-oriented writers, graphic artist and social media experts specializes in creating unique content and visual media for oil, gas and electric utility contractors for social media, blogs, and websites.

LinkedIn Presentation for the Women’s Conference is available here.

Vesta Construction Websites specializes in utility construction websites for contractors offering construction services to pipeline owners, electric utility owners and heavy industrial projects. Utility construction and heavy industrial construction companies website requirements are unique with bid requests, safety sections, service areas, call to action and construction internet marketing all focused on generating leads.

Whether your company builds pipelines, power lines or site development contractor, Vesta has the staff and industry experience to create websites focused on the important aspects of infrastructure construction business.

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