Want An Amazing Website?
Three Simple Steps to Completion

Sales people rightly want the best looking brochures and websites to open doors and smash the competition. However, the job of updating the brochures and website usually sits on someone’s desk at the office. This person typically does not have the time, creative spirit or grand vision to build an amazing website. The daily requests for bids, managing crews, generating safety and management reports and meeting with vendors, leaves no time and …heavens, what do you know about building websites? Most companies pass the job to the web designer, who by the way knows a lot about code but nothing about your line of business. The struggle begins, the web designer needs copy, direction, pictures and all pertinent materials. Back to ground zero, the website does not get updated.

1) Look for website designers who specialize in your line of business, for example this website designer works exclusively with construction home builders contractorgorilla.com, pharmaceutical companies always farm this work out linchpinseo.com, car dealerships have many options dealer.com, dealerfire.com. Vesta Construction Websites specializes in utility pipeline and transmission line construction and repair, a niche market for sure.

2)Delegate – Once the website designer is chosen (#1), the good ones will drive the process understanding where to obtain information, direction, pictures and additional materials. A committee is chosen, representing different departments in the company. For example, the careers section is handled by Human Resources, sales team reviews the services descriptions, senior management submits bios/resumes. Break the project down and assign the pieces, this way each department has partial website ownership.

3)Weekly Meetings – Like any other project, have weekly meetings with the committee members and mandate attendance. Deadlines are a great way to make sure everyone follows through with their commitments. Use the weekly meetings to not only keep everyone’s feet to the fire, but to solicit “News” items and gather additional ideas. Google loves content and your “News” is important to your industry as well as your search engine optimization (SEO). I had the fortune to work with this forward thinking company who has the best “News” section, it truly demonstrates the company’s culture pipeworx.ca. Who doesn’t want to work here?

Utility construction companies build the most amazing electric transmission lines, pipelines and repair our infrastructure in emergency situations. However, they are not great at building their own websites, leave that to professionals who are passionate about making your company rank higher on Google and generate leads. Your company’s website can be amazing, beautiful and informative, while at the same time beating your competition.

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