Vesta Construction Websites On-boards New Creative Content Writer

Heather P. Shreve—mother of two, military historian, speaker and master artist—is the newest edition to the Vesta Construction ‘family’ and believes that, like a joiner in woodworking, you become a good writer by planning your sentences, making each one count. “The better you write, the better you speak. The better you speak, the better you write!” says Ms. Shreve, who has been pursuing her wordsmithing since 2009 after her former art and framing business closed in the Recession of 2008.

If not for a chance meeting of daughter, Erin McShane, at a military funeral in 2016, the introduction to Jolie and Tom in the fall of 2017 may never have happened. Heather finished a consulting project at McCormick Spice in late June 2017 where she was charged with drawing and writing the “Theory of Operation” about electronic eye packing lines and palletizers. After that, Ms. Shreve went back to free-lance editing and writing while finishing her 660-page novel, Once A Colonel, released on Amazon in September.

Heather brings to the table writing skill in many genres, including screenwriting, poetry, micro-fiction and technical writing, as well as business experience as she has owned her own since 1987. She loves writing, [and using old-fashioned instruments to do it] weight-lifting, running and hiking as well as researching American history. Future plans include selling her TV series and film scripts, another novel [already underway], and beginning the Shreve Foundation to preserve heroic stories of WWI and WWII and the soldiers they represent.

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