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What makes a good website a great website?

Very simple, great pictures.

Creating a dynamic website to sell your company’s line of expertise is greatly enhanced when high quality pictures are used. Pictures tell a story, they sell your services faster and better than descriptive words. It is worth the time and investment to have professional pictures of work being performed by your employees. The potential customer can see for themselves the great work your company offers.

Professional pictures make your website come alive!

We have several options to obtain pictures:

#1We highly recommend hiring a professional construction industry photographer, however there are very few construction photography experts. VCW team is proud to have the best of the best construction photographer in the industry, Bill Hagstotz (see his biography here). The magnificent slider pictures on our home page are a few samples of his work. Investing in a construction industry photographer will provide your marketing staff years of top quality material to create brochures, place industry advertisements or pictures for your blogs. Bill Hagstotz provides his own safety gear, hard hat, FR (if required), safety glasses, safety vest and steel toed boots.

#2The second option is to hire a local photographer, however this is not desirable due to safety concerns.

#3A cost saving option is to have a VCW staff member take pictures/videos on the job site. The VCW staff member will provide their own safety gear, hard hat, FR (if required), safety glasses, safety vest and steel toed boots (if required).

Simple short videos tell a story and sell your services!

Same options as above, professional videos are always the best option.

Jobsite professional videos enhance your website and are used to create short narratives for your company’s Youtube Channel.

Vesta Construction Websites videos do not need to be the standard 10-15 minutes which no one watches. The latest trend is to create inexpensive one minute videos, highlighting your company’s different service sectors.

Your sales staff will love the professional videos for sales demonstrations and presentations. In addition, Google ranks companies much higher on the search engine when videos are integrated into a website.

Some of Our Videos

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